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Why i am not a pacifist pdf

Why Does Organized Medicine Hate Guns? By Timothy Why i am not a pacifist pdf, MD Why does organized medicine abhor gun ownership?

Why has the public health community waged a culture war on this foundational American tradition for nearly three decades now? Why does organized medicine hate guns? Why does organized medicine abhor gun ownership? Katherine Christoffel, one of the architects of the original American Academy of Pediatrics firearm policy. An American College of Physicians position paper advocates banning semiautomatic rifles, which includes most rifles designed and manufactured since the Korean War.

Meanwhile, a revolution in gun rights has evolved in both academia and law. Since the birth of the public health anti-gun rights movement in the late 1980s, every state has adopted, one by one, laws allowing good citizens to discreetly carry firearms for personal protection. The dire consequences predicted by opponents, in every case, have failed to materialize. Americans use firearms to defend against violent attack at least 700,000 times every single year. The overwhelming body of scientific evidence points to lives saved, injuries prevented, and property protected in numbers that dwarf the 30,000 or so firearm-related deaths each year. Shouldn’t the medical community be interested in at least investigating a phenomenon that offers such proven benefits? Yet another fundamental victory for gun civil rights has played out.

Supreme Court issued its landmark decision in District of Columbia vs. Heller, which established once and for all that the Second Amendment in our Bill of Rights affirms an individual right to own firearms for self-protection. City of Chicago, requiring every state and lower government to recognize the right. And yet, even as the American polity has unequivocally affirmed the right to keep and bear arms, our medical establishment seems bent on destroying it. Organized medicine’s intransigence has not been lost on the American public.

Americans’ understanding of their civil right of gun ownership has grown over the last three decades, and they have liberalized their laws to bring them into conformity with that understanding. America has changed, but organized medicine has failed to change with it. It is time for our leaders of organized medicine to become true leaders and to begin supporting the American civil right of gun ownership. This post originally appeared at drgo.

I have an online friend who works in an ER at an inner-city hospital. The experience turned him against guns because there are so many victims of armed barbarians. I asked him whether he would be happier treating more rape and assault victims, since guns are used quite frequently to stop those crimes. Optimistically assuming that actually happened, what’d he say? I can only speak from a trauma, ED, and ICU perspective here as that’s where the end of my limited experience comes from. These pros see this more frequently and with more insight than do lay people.

There is a similar contempt for motorcycles and motorcycle riding. I have worked around these folks from the ER nurses all the way up to the neurosurgeons. Some love guns and motorcycles and have and enjoy them regularly while most abhor both. Gotta say, it flat out cured the flexibility issues I was having in my left knee.

Technically the ZX11 was faster, but weighed 70lbs more. Of course, within a couple of years I had a full Muzzy exhaust with CF can, and a Muzzy overbore piston kit and Race Tech gold valve kit. Had that bike for 9 years before I swapped it for a Triumph Daytona 955i but a couple years later the bug bit hard and I found myself on an ’05 Yamaha R1. Sadly, my joints are getting old and I’ve scaled back to a ’15 Triumph Speed Triple.

I know a lot of cops, soldiers, and marines who can say they see the same. 65,000 to 200,000 The minimum annual number of deaths due to medical accidents, according to hospital records. For comparison: The annual total of all other causes of accidental death is 98,000, of which 46,000 are from auto crashes and 11,000 are from workplace accidents. All shootings: Some 13,286 people were killed in the US by firearms in 2015, according to the Gun Violence Archive. According to their own numbers, medical errors by doctors kill at least 250,000 people per year. Were the general public to actually fully know and understand this, something would actually be done about it. We might actually get outcomes commensurate with the insane amount of GDP we dedicate to it.

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