/The wild oats project pdf

The wild oats project pdf

Two conservationists collecting indigenous knowledge on cultural practices that favour CWR populations, from a farmer near Fes, Morocco. The wild relatives of crop plants constitute an increasingly important resource for improving agricultural the wild oats project pdf and for maintaining sustainable agro-ecosystems.

CWRs have contributed many useful genes to crop plants, and modern varieties of most major crops now contain genes from their wild relatives. CWRs are essential components of natural and agricultural ecosystems and hence are indispensable for maintaining ecosystem health. The natural populations of many CWRs are increasingly at risk. They are threatened by habitat loss through the destruction and degradation of natural environment or their conversion to other uses. Deforestation is leading to the loss of many populations of important wild relatives of fruit, nut, and industrial crops.

Conservation strategies for CWRs often consider both in situ and ex situ conservation. These are complementary approaches to CWR conservation, since each has its own advantages and disadvantages. You can help by adding to it. Note: Many different vegetables share one common ancestor, particularly in the Brassica family and plants. Many vegetables are also hybrids of different species, again this is particularly true of Brassicas. Malus sieversii, but with some cultivars perhaps belonging to Malus sylvestris or being a hybrid of the two.

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Hybrids exist also including other Vitis species. The State of the World’s Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture. Establishment of a global network for the in situ conservation of crop wild relatives: status and needs. Crop wild relatives: establishing the context.