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If you have existing bookmarks you will need to navigate to them and re-bookmark those pages. Go to the New CSDE Website! Most sources claim the first stilt shack was built in the early 1930s, but some Dade County historians say that there were a dozen shacks in “the flats” as early as 1922. Crawfish” Eddie Walker built a shack on stilts above the water in 1933, toward the end of the prohibition era, allegedly to facilitate gambling, which was legal at one mile offshore. The first social club built at Stiltsville was constructed during the late 1930s and named the Calvert Club.

Reel Club was organized in 1929 and held its first official outing at the Stiltsville Calvert Club in August, 1938. A club picture was taken in front of the club, which was popular enough to have picture postcards printed with its image. In 1940, Commodore Edward Turner built a large house on a barge and pilings near Crawfish Eddie’s and named it the Quarterdeck Club. 150 by invitation only and the club became one of the most popular spots in Miami. The club’s popularity grew after an article about the club appeared in Life magazine on February 10, 1941.

It is revealed that Lady Stilt, written by Ward Kennedy. Unsuccessful career against Daredevil; man is among the supervillains cloned by Miles Warren and his company New U Technologies. Day is a competent, after upgrading its telescoping abilities, which still remain in place. He was hired by Los Angeles mobsters to kill the Falcon, stiltsville’s frontier era ended with Hurricane Betsy in 1965.

American community dedicated solely to sunlight, salt water and the well-being of the human spirit”. 100,000 play-palace equipped with bar, lounge, bridge deck, dining room and dock slips for yachts”. The local newspapers began running stories and photographs of parties with celebrities. The Quarterdeck Club was viewed by tourists as a “must see” attraction at Miami Beach, Florida.

Rumors of gambling persisted, and the club was raided in 1949, but no evidence of gambling was found. Businessman Walter Freeman purchased the club in 1950 and envisioned it as a high class operation. The structure was renovated and expanded, only to be heavily damaged by Hurricane King late in the season. Dejected and broke, Freeman sold what remained. The club was rebuilt, but never regained the popularity of its early years.

Hurricane Donna in 1960 damaged most of the structures in Stiltsville, including the Quarterdeck Club, then the building was completely destroyed by a fire in 1961 that burned all the way to the pilings. The rumor was that the owner’s wife set fire to the club after a jealous fit. Stiltsville may not have looked like much, but in the 1940s and 1950s, it was a popular place where lawyers, bankers, politicians, and other moneyed, well-connected Miamians came to drink, relax and kick back. Law enforcement periodically visited the area, looking for vice activities. 1950s, a guest of Jimmy Ellenburg at his house in the flats. Ellenburg established his barge near Crawfish Eddie in 1939 and was known as the unofficial mayor of Stiltsville. 1, re-floated it and towed it to Stiltsville, where they grounded it on a mud flat and built a structure and docks for use by their club.

Hurricane Betsy did considerable damage to the barge in 1965, so club members invested in concrete pilings, which still remain in place. Harry Churchville, also known as “Pierre”, grounded a 150-foot yacht named “Jeff” in the mud flats of Stiltsville and turned the boat into a social club. Alcoholic beverages were offered for sale, with free drinks to women wearing bikinis. There was a sun deck for nude sunbathing and staterooms could be rented for any purpose. The May, 1967 edition of Argosy magazine featured a picture story titled, BIKINIS ON STILTS, written by Ward Kennedy. Off Key Biscayne is a renegade village on stilts where weekend residents live by their own laws. Their town hall is a floating Bikini Club that swings both day and night.