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Lethal Weapon 2 is the second movie in the Lethal Weapon Series. Two years after the events of the first Lethal Weapon, LAPD Sergeants Martin Riggs and Roger Murtaugh and some other detectives are pursuing two unidentified suspects transporting an illegal shipment of gold krugerrands. It soon becomes clear that both cases are related: After an attempt on Getz’s life, Riggs and Murtaugh learn of the former’s murky past of laundering funds for the vengeful smugglers. Getz eventually leads them to the gang, but upon dispatching his would-be assassin and returning with backup, they are confronted by Rudd, who invokes his diplomatic immunity on behalf of his unscrupulous ‘associates’. Dutch immigrant who despises her country, her boss and his racial philosophy. After the failed attempt to kill Murtaugh with a bomb implanted in his toilet and killing several police officers investigating the case, Vordstedt seizes Riggs at the apartment of Miss Van Den Haas just after he drops her off and discloses that he was responsible for the death of Martin’s wife, Victoria, four years back during a botched assassination when it was meant for Riggs himself, and covered it to make it look like a car crash.

Riggs and Murtaugh stow away in Rudd’s container where they find Rudd’s million in drug money is being taken to Cape Town, South Africa. They get trapped inside by the ship’s crew when they’re discovered. While the container is being loaded, Riggs and Murtaugh hot-wire the car inside making their way out burning some of the millions in drug money in the process, and engage in a gunfight with the crew members. In the original script, the South Africans were even more vicious. At one point, they even torture Riggs in much the same manner as Mr. The ending climaxed with a distraught Riggs dying after the wounds delivered from Arjen Rudd. CPA who is placed in protective custody by Riggs and Murtaugh, and makes the detectives’ lives a living hell due to his neurotic behavior.

The Getz character remained a regular throughout the remainder of the film series. At two points in the film, Riggs intentionally dislocates his shoulder in order to get out of a straitjacket and then slams it back into place. This becomes a running gag not only throughout the film series, but also throughout a lot of parody films. The opening chase sequence was filmed on November 28, 1988. The scenes where Riggs and Rika are ambushed by helicopters at night on the beach were filmed at Marineland of the Pacific in Palos Verdes California, on “Cobble Beach”. Other portions of the film were shot in Palm Springs, California. Patsy Kensit described her sex scene with Mel Gibson as having been very uncomfortable to act out.

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