/Racial and ethnic groups schaefer pdf

Racial and ethnic groups schaefer pdf

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Genasi were human-derived planetouched infused with the power of the elements, most often as the result of crossbreeding between humans and the powerful genie races or other elementals that dwelt in the Elemental planes. Genasi were physically similar to humans in many ways, standing between 5’7″ and 6’2″ on average, just slightly taller than the average human. Weighing between 130 and 225 lbs on average, genasi were often also a fair bit heavier, though not significantly so. In all other ways, genasi were very distinct from their human cousins.

Regardless of their elemental manifestation, each genasi’s body was etched with strange lines of energy that glowed in a color associated with the element that the genasi was currently manifesting. Though szuldar usually remain unchanged throughout a genasi’s life it was possible to alter them through scarring. Some genasi did this deliberately for aesthetic reasons, or in order to disguise themselves. Most genasi, however, disapproved of the practice and saw it as a loss of self-awareness, valuing the patterns they were born with as a mark of their identity. Genasi possessed a lifespan comparable with humans, reaching 75 years on average barring accident or violence. Some members of the race lived as long as 90 or 100.

Genasi had a number of special abilities granted to them by their elemental heritage. As a rule, genasi tended to be both stronger and smarter than most other humanoid races, traits which served them well. All genasi had a primary elemental manifestation, which not only separated genasi into subraces but also played a major role in genasi culture and psychology. Each manifestation was most common in regions where the element it represented had a strong presence, such as deserts, volcanic wastelands, or even underwater in extreme examples. While many genasi were the result of recent dalliances of genies or other elementals with humans, the majority were not, but were rather the children of genasi themselves.

Ancestry did play a major role in the individual subrace, or primary manifestation of each genasi child. Generally speaking, genasi were attracted to others who shared their primary manifestation and as a result most genasi children shared their subrace with both parents. Although most genasi exhibited a single manifestation, some learned to manifest two or more. Often, the reason behind the development of a second manifestation was environmental in nature. Children reared in close contact with genasi of a different subrace, for instance, were more likely to develop another manifestation, as were those who were reared in areas where their manifestation’s element was weak or nonexistent.