/K1600gtl service manual pdf

K1600gtl service manual pdf

Availability: 1 – 5 biz dayz. This product is specifically designed to interface with all the new and old BMW motorcycles where a 2 or 3 wire CANBus system are present. Ported from our best selling product the SB2 platform offers more options k1600gtl service manual pdf terms of hardware and software then the older SB1. In order to keep the product a true plug-and-play, we had to craft a custom connector for some models.

It’s a proven fact that motorcycles can decelerate more rapidly than most cars and trucks. The combination of a motorcycle’s narrow profile and the brisk change in velocity during braking is the most common cause of rear end accidents involving motorcycles, and often the results are fatal to the rider. The duration of the burst is a function of the time elapsed between the current brake cycle and the previous. This condition is most valuable during heavy stop-and-go traffic so as not to annoy the person or police in the vehicle behind you.

This condition is most valuable during quick sudden decelerations at speeds which require quick reaction to changes in traffic conditions or other driver’s intentions. Option to upload a fully customizable “11th profile” available. Fully Compatible with all CANBUS vehicles using any 3 or 2 wire format. In an event of a “tap”, the brake light will function normally and will appear as an ordinary tap of the brakes.

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Another aspect to this feature is that it allows the user to initiate a quick speed check on the rear brakes before a full application of the front brakes. In this case the algorithm will trigger a burst after full brake application. This technology, unique to Vizible Technologies, allows the rider to manually induce a flash routine after the initial application of the brakes. This is useful when stopped alone at a red light or in traffic to alert vehicles approaching from behind.

Quickly release and reapply the brakes within half second. The unit will output a burst of flashes. Each pulse period is gradually increased from the previous pulse. This gives the given burst cycle a “de-acceleration” illusion when viewed from behind at speed. In other words, the routine will start with a faster frequency and end with a slower frequency.