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Cherish the treasure pdf

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You are viewing the old website of the Sathya Sai International Organisation. Use the following link to go to the homepage of the new website. Both the complete volumes and individual chapters are provided, as pdf files. You need Adobe Acrobat Reader to read them. It is far more efficient to buy the volumes at one of the not-for-profit Sai Book stores than to print the complete volumes from these pages.

Note also that these electronic copies were set differently than the paperback volumes and consequently have different page numbers. Human values in business manaagement 04. The house of the Lord 04. Close the windows and save the lamp 02. The sun at your doorstep 03. How to be near and dear to God 04. The predicament of man today 04.

Stagnation in the same class 03. Lamps lit from the same frame 04. Food, the heart, and the mind 04. The Power of Divine Love 02. Prema and the triple purity 03. Noble mothers breed noble sons 04.

Learning a lesson from a child 03. Let Prema and Thyaaga be your ideals 02. Be prepared for a life of sacrifice 03. Have firm faith in God 04. Prahlaadhas for the present age 03. The fruit and the tree 04.

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