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Business intelligence tutorialspoint pdf

There can be many methods to solve a problem. The order to solve the problem might change from one business intelligence tutorialspoint pdf another.

In computer science, an algorithm is a sequence of steps to solve a problem. Algorithms can be written using two methods, such as using a flowchart or using pseudo code. A flowchart gives a graphical representation of an algorithm using symbols. Every task happens according to an algorithm.

If there is a question such as how to log in to a Facebook account, the sequence will be as follows. First, the user should open the browser. Then he should type the correct URL. After going to the Facebook page, he should enter the correct email address and password. Algorithm for adding two numbers is as follows.

Add them and store the result in the sum. This sequence of steps in the algorithm using simple English to add two numbers. Algorithm for finding the sum of five numbers is as follows. 5, if yes go to step 2, else print sum.

This sequence of steps in the algorithm using simple English to find the sum of five numbers. Some examples of algorithms are search algorithms and sort algorithms. Search algorithms are used to search an element in a data structure. The sort algorithms can sort items in a certain order.

A flowchart is a diagram that represents an algorithm. The algorithm can be written down using a flowchart. It is not a programming language. It is a graphical representation of writing the algorithm. A flowchart has a number of symbols.

The oval shape indicates the start and end of a program. The rhombus symbol represents the input and output operations. For example, the program might be requesting user input. Below diagram illustrates the flowchart to calculate the sum of 10 numbers. There are some rules to follow when drawing a flowchart.

A flowchart should be drawn from top to bottom. All flowcharts should start with a start symbol, and all boxes should be connected with an arrow. Decision symbols have two exit points which are true or false. These facts should be considered when drawing a flowchart.

What are the Similarities Between Algorithm and Flowchart? Both are useful to solve a problem. Both can use natural language or compact mathematical notation. What is the Difference Between Algorithm and Flowchart?